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Clones Shisha Wholesale

It steams, it smokes, you enjoy. But Clones is not an e-cigarette. Clones is the new Shisha series from Aladin. The design of the series is reminding of a diamond that makes it the purest pleasure to enjoy the tobacco of a Shisha. Clones Shishas meet all the requirements of Shisha lovers who want a water pipe with a click system.

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Today the little black one!

With the Clones series, Aladin constructed a shisha that immediately catches the eye. Small, in spectacular designs and in several colour directions per model, the Shisha convinces all those who prefer click closures. The quality of the Clones series is also unmistakeable. For a long time, the manufacturer Aladin has been working on the development of a Shisha with click closures that does not have any negative characteristics. Out of this thought, Aladin created the Clones series, which is small but elegant. The Clones-Shisha can even be enjoyed with up to 4 friends, as the manufacturer has also thought about multiple hose connections.

For tomorrow the Clones Major!

The Clones Major is a special exemplar. It is available in various colour combinations and reminds of a finely cut diamond. No matter if in black, blue, red or white – the Clones Major stands out and convinces with an exceptional smoking performance. Of course the Shishas from the Clones series contain all accessories. All you need to do is screw the clones together and the smoking session can begin.

The one for all occasions

Those who do not want to miss the Shisha enjoyment on the move and at home usually need a number of Shisha models. The small robust one for on the way and the big heavy one for use at home. But not everyone wants to buy two models. The Clones series offers the optimal alternative for at home and on the way. Clones Shishas are robust, light and yet comparable to the smoking performance of a large Shisha. The click fasteners allow easy tightening and loosening. The Clones-Shisha is ready to use in a short time, which is a big advantage for on the way.

Clones Shishas in well known Aladin quality

Nothing is worse than a shisha that breaks easily and negatively influences the smoking performance. The Shishas of the Clones series bring along everything that belongs to a proper Shisha and what you want to have included. The special design based on diamond shapes, the first-class quality and the fair price-performance ratio characterize the Clones series. Wholesalers, Shishabars and Shops will get a high-quality product with the Clones series and extend the offer with Clones-Shishas for Shisha fans who do not like to spend too much money.


Are you a manufacturer, importer or distributor of clones?

We are the manufacturer of the Clones series. With this Shisha series we succeeded in bringing some models on the market, which are small and handy but nevertheless as robust as big Shishas. Clones stands for the usual Shisha quality and the excellent smoking performance for all Shisha fans. We sell our Clones series to wholesalers, shops or Shishabars.

Since when do you offer the Clones brand?

It took a long time until the idea of the Clones series became reality. We have added our new product to our portfolio in 2016 and offer it to wholesalers and Shisha bars. All models have special features that especially appeal to Shisha fans with a priority on click closures.

Which product groups does Clones have?

The Clones series has high-quality Shishas with all accessories. We offer the accessories for the Clones series also individually in our column accessories. There are seals, mouthpieces etc.. Each Shisha from the Clones series is delivered with all accessories, so that the smoking pleasure can begin immediately after receiving the Shisha.

How many Clones products do you have in your assortment?

The Clones series offers seven different models. They differ in design and in diverse colour variations. From black, white, blue to red, there is a suitable model for every lover of screw cap shishas. Our Clones-Shishas are available at a fair price-performance ratio as well as for our wholesalers and Shishabars at special conditions.

What are the bestsellers of clones?

Each model from the Clones series promises a special smoking pleasure, excellent steam characteristics and optimal smoking behaviour. The Clones Major 2 is very popular with Shisha fans and is popular to buy. The model is available in four colour shades and was created in an exclusive design. The Clones Major 2 shows the typical Aladin quality and is available at a fair and unique price for our wholesalers.

Are Clones products always in stock or should I pre-order them?

We are pleased to be able to say that the Clones models are always available and in stock. This is due to our individual disposition, which always keeps an eye on production status and stock and acts accordingly. Wholesalers, Shisha online shops, Shishabars and Shisha shops benefit from the constant availability and fast delivery of our Clones series and all other Aladin products.

Who is manufacturing Clones?

Aladin implemented the idea of a first-class Shisha with screw cap in the Clones series. We have production partners who turn our ideas into reality and produce our shishas. We carefully monitor the production processes and the quality standard to ensure that wholesalers and shisha fans only receive first-class goods.

Where are Clones being produced?

The Clones series is produced in China, where our production partner is located. From there, the Clones Shishas are delivered directly to our warehouse and later on to our customers. Wholesalers, Shishabars as well as Shops profit from it, because there is no middleman existing and the goods come directly from the manufacturer.